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Kite75 mit tethering filmt Claas LEXION 770 bei der Ernte

We have tested our systems under severe conditions and documented the endurance tests with several youtube videos. During the grain harvest, our system was exposed to the highest temperatures of the year as well as dust in various sizes.

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Logo der GPEC

We have been exhibitors at the GPEC, the General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference 2020 in Frankfurt am Main. Together with DREGER Group GmbH and other companies, we organized a comprehensive exhibition stand and were able to present some demonstration flights spread over all days in cooperation with our partners.

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Presentation der TGS Avior

After the extensive development and test phase, we can present the Tether Ground Station Avior today. Installed on three height units in a 19" rack, up to 1.4 kW power is possible at the on-board module. The maximum cable length is 100 meters.

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Ausstellungsbereich auf dem Tag der Infanterie in Hammelburg 2019

At a joint booth with Zarges GmbH, AXSOL GmbH and Copting GmbH, we presented our tether ground stations for 6S drones and the H520 from Yuneec at the "Tag der Infanterie" (Day of the Infantry) in Hammelburg.

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Logo der RETTmobil

Copting GmbH has once again invited us to present our systems at their booth at the RETTmobil in Fulda. Of course we gladly accepted this invitation.

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Messtestand auf dem 22. Europäischer Polizeikongress

We were at the "22. Europäischer Polizeikongress" (22nd European Police Congress). On invitation of Copting GmbH we were able to present our prototype of a tether system for the H520 from Yuneec.

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