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Logistics and traffic

The transport of passengers and freight is one of our societies lifelines. Without the global transport of goods, much of what we know would not be fully functional. To ensure that transport runs smoothly and free of accidents, there are rules and conditions that are controlled by government agencies. Wired drones can help to log offenses or identify suspicious vehicles during inspections.

Traffic control

Traffic intersections are interesting in many aspects. On busy days, for example during supra-regional events, intersection areas can be observed over a large area and traffic can thus be better directed. Viewed from the air as danger hotspots, completely new possibilities arise for detecting and documenting violations. Traffic counts for the compilation of statistics can also be easily realized. Viewed from the air, the rate of deviation is reduced because no vehicles can be obscured by trucks or buses.

Freight transport

Ports are among the critical infrastructures, as they play a special role in the international transport of goods. The protection and control of these facilities has a correspondingly high priority. Since the container areas are very large and unclear from the ground, control from the air or, where possible, from greater heights is necessary. AI-controlled video analysis can be used to detect suspicious movement patterns or to monitor areas where special access restrictions apply.