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Applications for tethered drones in various industries

Tethered unmanned aerial vehicles can help solve tasks and challenges more effectively in a variety of industries. With the advantages of unlimited flight time and higher payloads, tasks can be completed more effectively in terms of time, as stopovers and associated battery changes are eliminated. Because the multicopter can remain airborne without interruption, video streams can be transmitted or radio relays can be used without interruption in many use cases.

Firefighter operating an UAV powered by a TGS Avior

Civil Protection

Make public safety operations safer and more efficient.

Installing a TGS Avior next to a radio mast near Dassel


Stay tuned to receive or send when it counts.

A tethered drone is operated in a windpark


Find new ways to make inspections more efficient.

Soldier during a maneuvering exercise


Stay agile and responsive without losing sight of the big picture.

aerial of bridge, crossing a river

Traffic Monitoring

Always keep an eye on transport routes with our

Aerial overwie of the "Wacken Open Air Holy Ground"


Discover how events benefit from our

… and many more

Do you have other ideas and scenarios where wired drones can be used? Contact us so that together we can see how challenges can be solved.