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unlimited flighttime

for longer operations

120 meters cable

for maximum flight altitude

Data transmission

for sensors and control

possible applications of tethered drones

The application scenarios of UAV tethering systems are manifold. The advantages can essentially be broken down to three benefits: unlimited flight times, heavier payloads for mission fulfillment, and a larger amount of data that can be recorded and processed by sensor technology.

Why systems made by ValoFly?

Developed by users for users

With many years of experience in a german fire department as well as disaster management and external consultants within rescue services, police and military, we speak your language. We know that equipment must always work when it's just the hottest, rainiest or coldest day of the year - and of course on all other days.

The future is digital

Unmanned aerial vehicles have recently become part of the everyday work of many companies and authorities. In time-critical situations it is necessary not only to record sensor data, but also to make it available to decision-makers as quickly as possible. For this reason, we attach great importance to the best possible integration of our systems into network structures.

Modular and flexible

Modularity is an outstanding strength of our work. We don't just want to develop wired UAV systems, but to provide you with the best possible integration into your work and workflows. We see ourselves as a manufacturer of portable tether solutions as well as a supplier for individual projects.