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Civil protection and safety

Keeping track of incidents is an elementary part of any operational strategy. The rescue services like fire departments and the police depends on good situational awareness and stable radio links between the different sections of the operation in order to be able to provide effective assistance. With our the usage of tethered UAV can be a piece of the puzzle in accomplishing these tasks.

Large open area fires

Open area fires, from field fires to large forest fires, can quickly grow larger or change direction with the wind. Wired drones can keep an uninterrupted view of the surrounding area from higher altitudes. This can reduce costly helicopter flights and free up resources to be used elsewhere.

Natural disasters

Flood operations place the highest demands on people and equipment. Dike controls can be automated from a patrolling vehicle and areas requiring protection can be controlled without interruption.


The tasks of the police to maintain public safety are manifold. Traffic junctions, especially on highways, can be controlled over a longer period of time. Accompanying and protecting demonstrations requires a high level of attention, so that delicate situations can be identified and defused at an early stage through a continuous change of perspective.