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Defense and security

In order to remain capable of acting in crisis situations, what is needed above all is training, resilient equipment and good leadership. Difficult decisions are easier to make with good preparation and on the basis of well-founded situation information rather than on the spur of the moment. Our help to continuously collect information and to pass it on to surrounding positions if necessary.

Leadership and communication

Field camps and command vehicles are the backbone of any military operation. An operation is correspondingly vulnerable if this is damaged. It is far more difficult to have an effect on an object in motion than if it remains in one place. It is therefore only logical for sensors and radio technology that are dependent on height to be attached to a drone and follow the vehicle on the ground.

Monitoring and security

Information superiority has always been a key to success, as evidenced by the very first written textbook on military tactics. Thanks to low visual signature as well as the possibility to reduce own radio signature over the data cable to a minimum, undetected operation of UAV to obtain the necessary information is easy and safe.