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Tether Ground Station

Generic OnBoard-Module in front of a TGS Avior

Power pack

With up to 1400 watts of continuous power at the drone, most commercially available drones can already be flown on the tether.

fiber optic data cables in a switch

Network integration

An integrated data line with 200MBit is available for the sensors and control of the drone. Connection interruptions due to external influences can thus be reliably avoided.

dust that could not get into the housing


You can't always choose the weather. For this reason, we make a point of ensuring that our systems stand up to adverse weather conditions and work reliably.

Rack case based on DIN EN 60297-3-100

3 height units

The Avior is designed according to DIN EN 60297-3-100 on three height units. This makes it possible to adapt the enclosure to your own requirements or even existing equipment.


Housing options

because we do not determine how you work

1 The housings shown are each possible in the colors specified by the manufacturer. Individual colors are not always directly available.
2 It is possible to install additional hardware in a larger case, or to divide it up into additional cases.
3 Further transport housings with receptacles according to DIN EN 60297-3-100 are possible.


technical data


1400 W
(60 m Tethering)

1200 W
(100 m Tethering)

4S, 6S, 12Sup to 200 Mbit
1000BASE-T compatible
19 Kg
without housing
230V∼, 50Hz, 4,8A

Neutrik® powerCON TRUE1

Neutrik® etherCON CAT6A Serie