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ValoFly shows system integration at the 34th AFCEA exhibition

As part of a development consortium, we at ValoFly are currently working on a fully integrated, vehicle-bound tether system for multicopters. An early prototype could be seen at this year's AFCEA in Bonn. Our challenge: to ensure the supply of energy and data between the UAV and the vehicle in all weathers, even when the vehicle is in motion.

At the joint stand with, Broadcast Solutions GmbH, griffity defense GmbH, Bittium, Flensburger Fahrzeugbaugesellschaft (FFG), TELEDYNE (Flir) and some other companys, our ground station could be seen on the FFG's Armored Combat Support Vehicle G5. As part of the command module for the G5, it is our job to supply a short-range antenna on a multicopter with power and data, even when the vehicle is in motion. The aim is to increase the "situational awareness" of the command module as a vulnerable target by ensuring contact with forces in the immediate vicinity.

Other scenarios can also be thought of using the same technology. Instead of the short-range antenna, many other payloads can take on tasks that are already being carried out with free-flying drones, in which the necessary change of batteries can lead to delays or even interruptions at critical moments.