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Participation at the GPEC 2020

We have been exhibitors at the GPEC, the General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference 2020 in Frankfurt am Main. Together with DREGER Group GmbH and other companies, we organized a comprehensive exhibition stand and were able to present some demonstration flights spread over all days in cooperation with our partners.

The largest closed special exhibition for security authorities in Europe is a good starting point for all authority-related topics. Particularly with regard to larger events that are subject to a significant security risk, for example an increased number of demonstrations or even the impending pandemic, which for example Italy is already suffering, there are several scenarios in which wired drones can support the authorities and organizations with security tasks.

For example, central squares can be controlled from the air for the duration of a demonstration or heavily frequented traffic junctions can be monitored and are thus, among many other possibilities, common deployment scenarios for the police. We were able to present these scenarios to the visitors in regular presentations, which we did together with the Kite75 of Vectorbirds GmbH, in the indoor flying area.

Messestand auf der GPEC 2020