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Exhibition at the "Tag der Infanterie" in Hammelburg

At a joint booth with Zarges GmbH, AXSOL GmbH and Copting GmbH, we presented our tether ground stations for 6S drones and the H520 from Yuneec at the "Tag der Infanterie" (Day of the Infantry) in Hammelburg.

At this year's 23rd "Tag der Infanterie" on July 11 at the Infantry Training Center in Hammelburg, the "UGV Challenge" (UGV = unmanned ground vehicle) will take center stage and visitors will be able to find out about the current state of the art in the field of unmanned vehicles. The challenge of navigating unmanned ground vehicles through rough terrain is a task for many armies, the solution to which serves to protect their own forces. Independent of land vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles are also a relevant topic for European armed forces, so in addition to live demonstrations of land vehicles, our systems was also be demonstrated to the military and political audience.

The combination of companies at our booth bring many solutions together: We use the Mitraset Racklite housings by Zarges GmbH as the transport solution of our Tether Ground Station. AXSOL GmbH produces the Arvey, a powerful energy storage system that can also supply our with energy as an alternative to generators. Copting GmbH, as a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, ultimately provides the platform to carry the required sensor technology.

Ausstellungsbereich auf dem Tag der Infanterie in Hammelburg 2019

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