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Endurance test during the 2020 harvest

We have tested our systems under severe conditions and documented the endurance tests with several youtube videos. During the grain harvest, our system was exposed to the highest temperatures of the year as well as dust in various sizes.

With 48 % designated agricultural area in the Northeim district, it is obvious to move system tests to the fields. Here, it is very warm and, above all, dusty during the harvest. Reinforced by the droughts of recent years, which suggest a connection with climate change, the conditions here are ideal for our test runs.

On three days in a row we flew endurance tests with a Kite75 from vectorbirds airborne systems GmbH & Co. KG flew endurance tests. We documented the flights of the second day by taking time-lapse recordings the work on two fields. The first and third day we examined single parameters like the cooling of the systems, temperatures and the influence of dust and particles on the system and compared the results.

During the flights of the first day, we photographed Ackerbaubetriebsgemeinschaft Ahlsburg GbR (flight 1) and Einbecker Land GmbH & Co. KG (flight 2) during their work.

Claas LEXION 770 während der Ernte
Kite75 mit tethering filmt Claas LEXION 770 bei der Ernte