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Further article in the Feuerwehr Fachjournal

In edition 02/2021 of the Feuerwehr Fachjournal we have published a second article on tethered drones. This second part deals with the technical background of tethering.

A drone can theoretically stay in the air 24/7, the most important requirement is of course an appropriate power source. In the article, Arne Glaser and Daniel Stahlmann (both ValoFly) describe the necessary components and their functions.

Issue 02/2021 of the Feuerwehr Fachjournal is available in specialized stores as of today, March 25, 2021.

Cover des Feuerwehr Fachjournal, Ausgabe 02/2021
Titelbild "TETHERED DRONES - ein technischer Überblick"