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Report on "Drones on the Leash" in the DROHNENMAGAZIN

DROHNENMAGAZIN has written a report on the stationary use of drones. Under the title "On the Leash - TETHER Drones", editor Frank Potthast has summarized interviews with Daniel Stahlmann as well as Jochen Anglett and Peter Henning (both vectorbirds airborne systems GmbH & Co. KG).

The three pages long article covers various technical aspects of wired drone flights. In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of stationary UAV operation, important basics are described, for example the indispensability of an emergency battery.

The 01/2021 issue of DROHNENMAGAZIN covers, among other topics, the new EU drone regulation and will be published in specialist shops in the last week of January.

Cover des DROHNENMAGAZIN, Ausgabe 01/2021
Artikel über "Tether Drohnen (an der Leine)"