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Live presentation at Hannover Messe by IAV GmbH

Drones are now an asset in many different fields of application, such as surveillance or documentation. They have proven particularly helpful in the control of extensive industrial sites. Drones make it possible to keep an eye on such areas precisely and accurately, yet at low cost. IAV GmbH will be presenting a corresponding system in a livestream at the Hannover Messe on April 15, 2020.

More important here is to provide a long flight duration. Tethered offer this advantage over the usual battery-powered systems. The drone is powered by cable, which makes it possible to stay in the air for as long as desired. Even though tethered flying drone seems contradictory at first, the other advantages of such a system should not be ignored. For example, it also scores with the fact that data transmission from the drone is more secure, as it cannot be tampered with like radio-controlled models. Thus, a tethered drone system is the perfect addition to already existing security systems.

Another point to note is that licensing procedures are much easier to manage with a tethered drone, as both the risk on the ground and in the air is reduced to a minimum.

Everyone can see for themselves the performance capabilities of tethered drones in the Hannover Messe live stream on April 15, 2021. From 10:30 (CEST) to 10:55, IAV GmbH will present a tethered drone system based on the ValoFly Tether.Solutions with combined hangar solution and the possibility to control the system remotely as well as to evaluate the drone's data. In addition to a lot of interesting information, the plus points of the system will be directly visible in the demonstration.